Quality Management
MTRs module


Maintain complete material traceability

  • Use a dedicated wizard to automatically attach test certification documents to associated items in stock.
  • Associate the same test certifications with multiple stock items.
  • Associate other files to stock items like CVN tests, other test documents, photos, sketches or NC data for plate rems.
  • Open attachments from the stock system for review at any time.
  • Visual cues in the stock system identify stock items that have associated attachments.
  • Integration between the stock management and nesting systems ensures that every part is associated with a stock item and MTR, and that remnants automatically inherit the correct MTR.

Package MTRs for one, many or all shipping loads

  • Use a dedicated wizard to package up all test certifications attached to stock items associated with a shipping load.
  • Package test certifications attached to stock items for one, many or all shipping loads.
  • Automatically generate an associated shipping report.
  • Easily make the report and attached test certification available to customers via an FTP site or by attaching them to an email.
  • Consolidate test cert documents in a folder whether or not the loads are scheduled for delivery. This allows you to easily collect test cert documents when, for example, a job is complete but delivery has been postponed and you want to invoice the customer while you store the job.


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