Production Management
Production module, Shipping module


Model your production facility in the software

  • Set up tasks, works areas and work shifts customized to your company processes and equipment.
  • Create multiple relationships between tasks and work areas to support automated assembly routing based on material characteristics and production requirements.
  • Setup user permissions for who can enter and edit production data.

Record production progress as work is completed

  • Record production progress and capture who did the work and on what shift the work was completed.
  • Accommodate routing changes on the fly from the shop floor.
  • Record labor as you record progress, or record it separately.
  • Automatically apply accounting codes based on tasks, or enter them manually.
  • Easily un-complete progress to correct mistakes or address rework.

Review production status and always know what’s left to do

  • Click on any assembly in the Bill of Material and instantly know its production status.
  • Review the complete production history of an assembly in the Production Log.
  • View what’s left to do for one or more projects, sequences, tasks or work areas and review recently completed tasks.
  • View the status of all assemblies in production in the multi-project, color-coded Production Explorer window.


Stay on schedule with smart shipping management

  • View items available for loading by sequence/lot, by batch or by transfer load (job-site loads only).
  • Use transfer loads tools to ship items to one or more subcontractors (e.g., galvanizer and fireproofer), then easily add them to a job-site load.
  • View a real-time summary of weight capacity and available weight by load.
  • Attach documents and pictures to a load.
  • Use at-a-glance visual cues to monitor load status (e.g., loaded, staged, shipped, received, etc.).
  • Access Google Maps from the shipping area to generate a map and driving directions for a load.


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