Provides vital project information to off-site partners

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FabTrol ModelView is a stand-alone software application that provides flexible access to assembly drawing, production, and shipping statuses from a FabTrol project. This vital information can be shared with key project partners who don't use FabTrol and/or who don't have access to a model view of the data. Status information from a FabTrol export are viewed in a grid format that allows users to search by assembly, and view, group and filter items by status.

Tekla Structures integration

Version-specific Tekla Structures compatibility plugins can be installed to enhance ModelView by colorizing statuses in the project model. By installing multiple compatibility plugins, ModelView users can also easily switch between Tekla versions and models. Compatibility plugins are available for Tekla Structures Versions 16.0 through 21.0.

One click on any assembly highlights the assembly in the model. Click again and the model zooms in to display a close-up view of the highlighted assembly. This makes it easy to quickly identify and view any critical assemblies even in the most complicated model.

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SDS/2 integration

ModelView exports assembly drawing, material, production and shipping statuses that update a project model in Design Data's SDS/2 to easily view the model colorized by status.

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