Basic Barcoding
ADC module

Expedite data entry with tethered scanners using barcode reports

  • Use material due-in reports with barcodes to receive incoming material by PO line item and automatically update inventory to reflect the new items in stock.
  • Scan barcodes on production traveler reports to track production progress as assemblies are completed through waypoint work areas and optionally record labor hours for the completed tasks.
  • Create bill of lading reports with barcodes to scan as assemblies are loaded for shipping and automatically update the load status of the assemblies.

Advanced Barcoding
Third-party integration via ADC module

Receive material as it is unloaded in real-time

  • Scan any line on a purchase order to receive all or a partial quantity and automatically relieve PO items in real-time as scanned.
  • Capture the heat number on incoming material by scanning the barcode from the mill.
  • Receive items from the same PO line separately when items have different storage areas or heat cert numbers.
  • Reflect the availability of newly received material immediately in plate and linear cut lists and generate pull lists and cut lists for the shop floor that indicate the status and location of the material.

Record production progress in real-time

  • Record production progress of assemblies in real-time as they are completed and scanned at each waypoint work area through the shop.
  • Capture additional data in real-time as tasks are completed in each work area including the date and time, the employee and the shift.

Load assemblies for shipping in real-time

  • Scan assemblies as they are being loaded for shipping and automatically update the load status of the assemblies, the employee loading the assemblies, and the date and time they were loaded.


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