Real-time remote access to FabTrol Pro on the go
ADC module 

FabTrol Mobile provides real-time remote access to FabTrol Pro steel fabrication management software. The latest release provides the ability to retrieve drawings and track production progress on any tablet (iPad, Android, Windows) with a convenient and easy to navigate user interface.

Document Retrieval

Retrieve documents and drawings from any tablet

  • Show current revision and, optionally by permission, show revision history.
  • Retrieve any drawing type (contract, part, assembly).
  • Retrieve any file type viewable on a tablet (JPG, PDF, TIF, DWG, DXF).
  • Eliminates the need to manage files in folders on a network as drawings are automatically organized for retrieval during import.

Production Progress Tracking

Track and record production progress from any tablet

  • Set the shop, task, work area and worker for the work to be recorded.
  • Search for an assemblies that match a partial entry.
  • Mark an assembly task complete, including recording hours to complete the task.
  • Select a batch of assemblies to complete, or select the batch and then specific assemblies within the batch to complete.
  • Complete work against assemblies from one job, many jobs or all jobs.


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