Material Management
Nesting module, Plate module, Materials module


Plan optimal material usage (Linear Nesting and Plate modules)

  • Calculate optimal linear, square foot, cut-to-size, per-each and standard parts nesting solutions.
  • Combine parts from multiple jobs to maximize usage and minimize handling and waste.
  • Test multiple solutions for a filtered parts’ list and review on-screen usage summaries for each before selecting a solution.
  • Nest into available and/or purchasable material based on customized company parameters for optimal usage.
  • Never nest the same part twice with smart cutting-plan tracking.
  • Add parts to a bar at the saw to minimize handling.
  • Get real-time updates in stock as material is pulled and used.


Purchase based on optimal material usage

  • Import nested solutions onto a PO with one click.
  • Ensure valid material definitions and prices with on the fly access to the materials database (MDB).
  • Automatically pre-populate POs with standard information and drag and drop PO lines when ordering identical items.
  • Automatically or optionally update material pricing in the MDB based on current PO pricing.
  • Distribute additional charges (e.g., taxes, cutting charges) across all or only relevant PO lines.
  • Maintain an automatic, permanent link to material information (e.g., nest, job, price, test certs, etc.) from the PO through to jobsite delivery.


Real-time updates during material receiving

  • Get immediate material availability updates in the stock system and nesting engines.
  • Manage and view all due-in/overdue items from a single window and receive by PO or by vendor.
  • Easily receive a partial quantity on a specific PO line.
  • Add notes, heat cert number, storage area, etc. for automatic flow-through to the stock system.
  • Easily track items on one PO across multiple receipts.
  • Add the ability to receive material with barcode transactions through automated data capture (requires additional ADC module).


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