1984 - 2014
Steel strong for 30 years

FabTrol Systems has a long history of providing market-leading steel fabrication management software. In the past three decades, our product grew from a popular estimating application into the industry's most widely adopted and trusted solution, FabTrol MRP. 

This experience, combined with extensive customer requirement research and the most current development platform, tools, technologies and processes, led to the development of our current flagship product, FabTrol Pro. It provides new features
and benefits to the industry never before seen in a fabrication management solution. Like its predecessor, FabTrol MRP, FabTrol Pro was developed by fabricators for fabricators to help increase efficiency, improve quality, save schedule time, and
reduce costs.

The trusted industry standard

FabTrol MRP has provided significant ROI to fabrication companies all over the world for many years and thousands of members of the industry workforce are highly trained in the software. As such, it is still in demand and will continue to be made available to our customers for years to come in support of its longtime prevalence in the marketplace. Some of the most powerful and comprehensive features can be found in the widely utilized Estimating modules and Advanced Production modules.

Making the transition to FabTrol Pro

While we are committed to supporting FabTrol MRP for years to come, many of our customers are making the transition to FabTrol Pro to take advantage of the hundreds of new features: a modern, easy-to-use interface; powerful processing capability; and simultaneous multi-job flexibility. Customers that are current on our Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) plan can transition at no cost from FabTrol MRP to like modules in FabTrol Pro with a minimal investment in transitional user training.


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