RFI Management

Keep your project on track and on time with an easy-to-use RFI system that tracks project-related questions—with multiple revisions and responses—through to resolution.

Key Features

  • Track project-related questions through to resolution during the project lifecycle.
  • Add multiple responses and revision to an RFI until the RFI question is resolved.
  • Quickly add drawings and documents that are stored in FabTrol Rev's drawing register to an RFI.
  • Add documents not stored in FabTrol Rev to an RFI; FabTrol Rev automatically adds them to the drawing register that handles miscellaneous attachments.
  • Manage drawings and sequences without leaving the RFI system.
  • Create RFIs and RFI responses by dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Track outstanding and resolved RFIs by a variety of criteria.



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