What's New in FabTrol Pro Version 3.3

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FabTrol Pro Version 3.3 is full of powerful and unique features. The highlights include:

Advanced Bill of Material

Import an advanced bill of material (ABM).

Nest ABM against on-hand and purchasable material.

Purchase material for a job with ABM traceability.

Document Retrieval

Retrieve documents from any tablet (iPad, Android, Windows).

  • Show revision history
  • Any drawing type (contract, part, assembly)
  • Any file type you can view on your tablet (JPG, PDF, TIF, DWG, DXF)
  • Drawings are automatically organized for retrieval during import which eliminates the need to manage files in folders on a network
API (ADC, Barcoding)

Support for part tracking.

Update bar cut status and part status automatically from CNC machines.

Integrate with many third-party machine and barcode integration partners.

CNC Management

Send fabrication solution file to CNC machines.

  • Nested solution
  • Production plan and routing information
  • CNC data with accurate quantities for the bar and batch

Edit material on an issued purchase order with automatic updates to stock.

Record invoice information for received materials in purchasing.

Track invoice details by PO line against PO total and invoice total.

Copy billing codes from project to project (unit pricing).

New reports: Part Material Status, Part Production Status and stock usage reports.

Production, Batching

Review task status of assemblies summarized by batch, sequence or lot.

View and manage shipping and production by batch.

Create nests, of any material type, to match production batches.

Review Production Log by batch.

Filter by batch in BOM, production and shipping to support managing materials and production processes by batch.

View and edit batch schedules in a Gantt chart.


Log the shipping status of assemblies in the Production Log.

Track parts individually or by batch and work area.


Many new reports.

New CSV and text export variants of all reports including custom reports designed by the user to produce flattened data for import into accounting software and other software.

Editable KISS Version 1.1 export.


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