What’s New in FabTrol Pro Version 2.5

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FabTrol Pro Version 2.5 is full of powerful and unique features. The highlights include:

Introducing FabTrol Mobile (new features in ADC module)

Access real-time shipping and production status information from a mobile/remote device with a clear and concise user interface


Support for direct barcode capture in shipping, receiving and production/labor tracking

Change Orders

Manage changes that impact a project’s value, schedule and price with fab shop-specific change orders tools so that they are in your view

Document the estimates and final changes via streamlined integration with Outlook emails and FabTrol Pro’s Drawings and RFI modules

Linear Splicing

Create a spliced bar from on-hand material in FabTrol Pro’s familiar interface

Track bars involved in a splice from planning through usage

Nest parts easily into spliced bars

Material Management

Allocate Ws into WTs easily

Map fields from your source data to fields in FabTrol Pro

Transition from FabTrol MRP to FabTrol Pro

Export FabTrol MRP’s material definitions (UPF) for use in FabTrol Pro, just as stock is exported

Export contacts in FabTrol MRP for use in FabTrol Pro


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