What’s New in FabTrol Pro Version 2.1

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FabTrol Pro Version 2.1 is full of powerful and unique features. The highlights include:

Production Batch Builder

Group assemblies together however you want to process them through production. Pre‐plan batches knowing that assemblies only become available to production after the batch is issued.


Additional charges: Add additional charges (e.g., cutting, freight, labor, etc.) to a purchase order and distribute the charges to selected lines, one line or all lines on a PO. Additional charge distribution is carried forward to the stock system.

Taxes: Apply up to five unique tax rates (e.g., labor, freight, materials, etc.) to all or specific PO lines. Taxes can be combined in a variety of ways—even calculate taxes on taxes.

Enhanced Material Management

Nesting: material sizes and grades can be substituted during nested and subsequently assigned. Total material traceability is automatically maintained even when material differs from the BOM. User permissions to control access to size and grade substitutions added.

Nesting: Parts‐to‐cut reports show parts in the filter before a nesting solution is generated to facilitate quote requests for unnested material.

Material database import: Accommodates more information about material being imported, including designation of purchasable‐size lists.

Stock: Satisfied test requirements (CVN‐1, UT Grid, etc.) can be associated with individual stock lines; convenient editing of stock information in a dedicated Stock Edit window rather than in the stock grid.

Bill of materials: Assign project level billing codes to assemblies and parts. New reports provide recaps by billing code and assembly type.

International Enhancements

All reports view and print to the international A4 paper size.

Local currency handling is enhanced.


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