What's New in FabTrol Pro Version 2.0

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FabTrol Pro Version 2.0 is full of powerful and unique features. The highlights include:


Set up custom routing rules for your shop, then automatically route assemblies to appropriate work areas and mark work complete as an assembly moves through the shop.

Get real-time, shop-floor access to left-to-do work (by project, sequence, etc.) and determine the production status of every assembly on the fly from FabTrol Pro’s dedicated production progress tracking tools and/or from the bill of materials. Easily review a big-picture, cross-project view of assembly status, including details of work completed (by job, work area, employee, date/time, etc.).

Plate Nesting

Create multiple rectangular nesting solutions for one project and nest across projects when planning material usage. Optimize material, then review the plan with the Pattern Viewer.

Material Management

Optimize material using approved size and/or grade substitution features. Full material traceability is maintained automatically when material usage differs from the bill of materials.

Use the stock history log to see a stock audit trail, where stock statuses, events and the users involved for each event are tracked automatically.

Translate flat bar to plate in a single transaction; nest flat bar into plate.

Project Scheduling

Set up sequence schedules and review a cross-project Gantt-chart of project milestones critical to your customers (drawing approvals and releases; material availability and production dates; site delivery and arrival dates, etc.). Easily revise the schedule and see an immediately updated display.

Project Permissions

Grant or deny access to specific projects on a user-by-user basis in the estimating and production modules.


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