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There are powerful new tools available to help you manage your steel fabrication operations. Our proven experience in developing steel fabrication management software, along with the use of current state-of-the-art development technologies, have led to the unveiling of the most advanced, yet easy to use, software ever available in the industry—FabTrol Pro.

Like its predecessor FabTrol MRP, FabTrol Pro is a powerful modular software solution. It is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use while it helps to solve the real-world challenges of steel fabricators in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. It helps shops produce more, deliver faster and improve quality—which naturally increases profits.

FabTrol Pro’s real-time, cross-project management capabilities are unique in the steel industry where other fabrication management software solutions take a project-centric approach.

Software features

FabTrol Pro streamlines fabricators work throughout the software with:

  • A flattened business-level architecture, cross-project design and a simplified Microsoft ribbon.
  • A consistent, intelligent user interface that uses at-a-glance cues and customizable data displays to support timely fabrication management activities and decision making.
  • Powerful, easily customized reporting and filtering functions that are seamlessly integrated throughout the software and all workflows.
  • Easily accessed and configured system-wide features (e.g., options, user permissions, company contacts, etc.)

Customer upgrades

FabTrol Pro is the cutting-edge successor to FabTrol MRP and all FabTrol MRP customers current on their annual support and maintenance (ASM) contract can upgrade to like-modules in FabTrol Pro at no cost.

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