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FabTrol Pro
April 23-25, 2014
Eugene, OR

FabTrol MRP
May 15-16, 2014
Eugene, OR

FabTrol Class & Payment Information

FabTrol MRP class descriptions

Estimating - This class provides an overview of the entire estimating process in FabTrol MRP. Skills you will gain include managing project specifications, using the Paint and Freight Calculators, understanding and modifying the Unit Price File, setting up labor rates, using Auto Parts and library items, calculating accurate waste percentages, fine-tuning the bottom line, preparing bid proposals, and more. Depending on the skill level of the attendees, this class may also delve into more advanced estimating functions, such as creating custom Auto Parts, setting up Auto Assembly codes for quick labor and parts entry, building a library of common weldments, refining the Master Labor Table and Welding Calculator, establishing mill standards by material type and size, and more.

Material Management - This class reviews the standard material management process in FabTrol MRP, including importing or entering detailed drawings, nesting into available stock and purchasable materials, purchasing and receiving materials, managing inventory, and more. Additional advanced topics include working with advanced bills of materials (ABMs) and material on order, exporting data to accounting systems, and more.

Drawing Management - This class provides an introduction to the drawing management functions in FabTrol MRP. You will learn to set up the drawing management system, create actions and events, manage and track drawings, import details from CAD files, and view drawing files in the new drawing viewer.

Project Management & Basic Production - This class focuses on the capabilities of FabTrol MRP from a project manager's perspective. It covers the basic Project Organizer functions -- managing tasks, tracking change orders and RFIs, etc. In addition, it provides a detailed overview of the production and shipping processes, including production planning, basic progress tracking, and using the Shipping Manager to plan and track loads.

FabTrol Pro class description

Estimating, Drawings, RFIs, Materials and Production - This three-day class provides an introduction to the estimating, drawing management, RFI management, material management and production management functions in FabTrol Pro. You will learn how to manage project specifications, use the paint calculator, calculate accurate waste percentages, and fine tune the bottom line of estimates. You will learn to set up the drawing management system, create actions and events, import drawings from detailing software, send and receive transmittals and view drawing files in the drawing viewer application. You will also learn about managing materials, purchasing and receiving materials, managing stock and nesting into stock and purchasable material. Additionally, you will learn how to use RFIs to manage project questions through to resolution, how to use the project scheduling Gantt chart to track project milestones and how to use the production management system to route and track assemblies through production, plan shipping loads and track loads shipped to interim locations and the job site.

Payment information

Once you have registered, we will contact you shortly to confirm your registration and collect payment information. Payment in full is required to register for FabTrol training events. Pricing, shown below, is per person and varies based on the number of days each person attends. Register and pay for training on or before the early registration deadline and receive 10% off.

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Fine print. If you are unable to attend and notify us of your cancellation at least four weeks before the event, we will provide a full refund. Cancellations received two to four weeks before the event will receive a 50% refund. No refund is available for cancellations within two weeks of the event. Also, because of the unpredictable nature of training registration, we reserve the right to cancel training classes, with sufficient notification, if minimum attendance is not achieved.


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