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Shipping Management

A survey of our users ranked FabTrol's shipping system as their favorite feature. That's because it does more than just automate your shipping paperwork. It allows you to easily plan sensible, right-sized loads, manage them through the shop, and track their status throughout the process.

Here are some of the benefits that our software offers for your shipping department:

Planning loads in advance

FabTrol makes it easy to plan shipping loads. Just explore the project by erection sequence and subsequence or drawing and assembly, then assign the assemblies you want on each load. The running weight total ensures that you do not accidentally overload your trucks.

Organizing & tracking production by load

Thanks to its integrated production management system, FabTrol enables you to instantly check the fabrication status of each assembly on a load -- see what's been approved, routed, cut, loaded, and shipped. You can also organize production batches by load to ensure that the required parts stay together through the fabrication process and arrive at the truck just in time.

Tracking loads to vendors

FabTrol allows you to track fabricated assemblies sent to vendors for painting, galvanizing, or fireproofing. Instantly know the location of any shipped assembly and monitor progress of shipped assemblies all the way to the job site.

Tracking additional items

Need to send more than just the required assemblies? With FabTrol, you can track anything you want to ship -- from ladders to paperwork to field bolts and more.

Powerful reports & documents

Save time and avoid mistakes with FabTrol's automated shipping reports, including bills of lading, material lists, driving directions, and more. Know what has shipped and when to improve project communication and avoid confusion at the job site.

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