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Production Management

FabTrol software's powerful integrated production management system includes:

Shop capacity planning

In the planning phase, the Capacity Overview window enables you to review your production commitments by tonnage or labor hours and evaluate your capacity to take on additional work or reschedule current projects.

Automated routing to work areas

FabTrol is designed to automate the production planning process. Using powerful, user-definable routing rules and optional CNC data, the system quickly assigns the required parts and assemblies to appropriate work areas for efficient production.

Estimated fabrication times

The routing process also calculates the time required for each fabrication or assembly process -- enabling you to see how much work each assembly or group of assemblies represents.

As assemblies are approved for production, you can quickly organize them into logical production batches and then prioritize those batches for efficient fabrication. The system provides robust tools for creating and managing daily cut lists by work area. It can even output CNC instructions in the appropriate format for your shop floor equipment.

Progress tracking

As production tasks are completed, you can review a variety of production tracking reports to see what's been done by job, sequence, load, work area, and more -- and, better yet, see what's left to be done.

Other product areas:

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