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Material Management

In a material-intensive business like steel fabrication, better usage and handling of materials can have a major impact on your bottom line. FabTrol software tackles the challenge of material management with the best weapons of modern technology: automation and integration.

Here are some of the benefits that our software offers for your material management functions:

Powerful nesting engine

FabTrol's material nesting engine quickly and efficiently determines the best way to fabricate the required parts using materials available in stock or for purchase. The system then tracks those material allocations onto cut lists and through the shop.

Support for multiple trial nestings. Experiment with various material nesting/multing options without committing to them. Then approve only the best solutions -- as many of them as you want, so long as they don't overlap -- for purchasing and production.

Manual nesting option. Want direct control over the material planning process? Skip the nesting engine and create the nesting pattern yourself. This can be particularly useful for small or idiosyncratic material lists.

Cut list management. Ready to issue cut lists to the shop? The system will automatically check that all of the required materials are in stock and available, avoiding potential headaches on the shop floor. Choose the report format that serves you and your production staff best. Then, once the cut lists are confirmed as cut, the system will automatically remove the materials from stock and post any usable remnants for use on future projects.

Automated purchasing & receiving

FabTrol also automates the purchasing and receiving functions, which also benefit from time-saving links with nesting and stock.

Fast, flexible purchase orders. Quickly prepare purchase orders without repetitive data entry. You can issue POs for anything: shop supplies, consumables, subcontracts. You can also clone existing POs to save time.

Integrated PO filling. Fill purchase orders automatically from nested buy lists, bolt and per-each-item lists, or other sources.

Single-click receiving. Receive entire purchase orders at once or on a line-by-line basis to track partial deliveries and back orders.

Purchasing reports. Review your monthly costs by job, total costs by vendor, or other key reports.

Self-maintaining inventory control

The inventory function in FabTrol works seamlessly with the nesting and purchasing functions to provide nearly hands-off inventory control. The system automatically reserves required items when a cut list is approved, removes them when the cuttings are confirmed, and restocks any usable remnants. Manual updates are required only when the shop deviates from your plans.

AISC/ISO material traceability. Track materials by PO, heat number, vendor, purchase date, cost, and original job/piece (for remnants). With FabTrol's rigorous stock control, you can easily satisfy AISC and ISO standards for heat certification traceability and remnant tracking.

Stock reports. Get dozens of valuable reports, including material recaps, stock valuations, stock usage logs, stock movement reports, and more.

Advanced features

In addition to these standard material nesting, purchasing, and stock control features, there are a number of notable advanced features for material management, including:

Superior material nestings. When it comes to efficiently nesting (or "multing") required parts into available stock and purchasable materials, nothing beats FabTrol. Our nesting engine, which has proven effective in the industry through years of use in multiple applications, delivers the best solutions in the business. FabTrol also offers greater control over the nesting process. You can modify the engine's nesting results, create nesting assignments by hand, and more.

Support for material on order. For fabricators ordering from mills with long lead times, FabTrol offers systemwide support for material on order. You can post purchase orders to stock in advance, see it in a colorized inventory display, plan cuttings for the material before it arrives, confirm receipt when issuing the cut lists to the shop, and more.

Generic accounting export. For stronger financial views, FabTrol MRP provides a powerful export feature that can pass project budget, purchasing, stock usage, and other relevant data to your accounting software. The output is in text format to enable potential integration with any financial package.

Powerful tools. Other advanced material management features include the BOM Explorer window, which provides a hierarchical view of the bill of materials, with powerful filtering and find-and-replace functionality; tools for switching stock items when confirming planned cuttings; and more.

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