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FabTrol software began life -- over 25 years ago -- as an automated tool for estimating steelwork. The system has undergone exponential growth since then, but our commitment to providing the best estimating software in the industry is as strong as ever.

Here are some of the benefits that our software offers for your estimating department:

Bid and win more jobs to increase revenues

New users typically report doubling or even tripling their estimating speed after adopting FabTrol software. Faster bid preparation means better productivity, as your staff can bid on more jobs without adding more estimators. And with FabTrol's accurate, consistent approach, you can also boost your capture rate, winning the jobs you want to increase revenues.

Instant extensions. FabTrol instantly extends all weights, surface areas, costs, and labor times based on your company standards and the established values in the AISC handbook.

100,000-item material database. Get started right away thanks to the system's pre-populated database of material types, sizes, and grades from the AISC, CISC, BCSA and other international guides and major vendor catalogs. Updating prices and adding new materials is simple, quick, and requires no programming.

Coded labor & parts entry. Avoid unnecessary data entry by quickly adding detail parts, automatically sized to fit, to any main member. Better yet, assign codes to the parts, labor operations, or combinations of the two that you use most for instant entry.

Ready-to-paste weldments. Take off and store common assemblies or weldments, such as stair systems or handrail sections, and then paste them into future bids to reduce entry time.

Produce more accurate estimates

FabTrol enables you to see your true hard costs and the actual margin that your bidding price is likely to produce. With this knowledge, you can identify the profitable jobs and adjust your variable costs to produce a winning bid.

Detailed cost breakdown. The Project Summary window provides a complete view of the costs in each bid, including material, labor, buyouts and subouts, markups, added profit, and more. You can drill down to see the details of painting, labor, and other cost areas -- even check standard project values such as the gross margin, labor margin, and various price-per-pound averages.

Powerful material recaps. Get a high-level view of each job with dozens of valuable material and surface area recaps by material type, size, length, assembly mark, sequence, and more.

Increase productivity without adding staff

Preparing accurate takeoffs requires a tremendous amount of knowledge - material availability, labor rates, waste factors. Finding people with the right skills is not easy. FabTrol offers an alternative. By translating the knowledge of your senior estimators into company-standard data tables, it limits the expertise required to prepare takeoffs. Even the greenest apprentice can be trained to work up reliable bids. And your senior staff can focus on making the final adjustments that will ensure winning, profitable bottom lines.

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