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FabTrol Pro release includes part-level production tracking and industry software integration

FabTrol Systems, a U.S.-based global provider of integrated steel fabrication management software, announces the release of FabTrol Pro Version 3.0 that provides steel fabricators with the ability to:

  • Define tasks for parts and the work areas that will perform them and track parts through production.
  • Integrate FabTrol Pro with popular shaped-plate nesting software, such as ProNest and SigmaNEST.
  • Update project models in popular detailing software, such as Tekla Structures and Design Data’s SDS/2, with assembly drawing, production and shipping statuses.
  • Automate material receiving, production tracking and shipping with Radley Corporation's integrated barcode data capture system.

Part-level production tracking

Cross-project production progress tracking at the part level allows fabricators that use FabTrol Pro to batch, route, and track production progress of parts across multiple simultaneous jobs, production lines and shops while maintaining full material traceability.

Production batches can be created to fabricate similar items together like parts that require similar procedures or that will be produced out of similar material. Intelligent part routing rules automate part routing to the correct part task and work area based on type, size, grade, weight, finish, holes and many other criteria. Real-time part and assembly production management and progress tracking provides diminishing lists of what’s left to do.

Shaped-plate nesting software integration

FabTrol Pro now includes a plate nesting export for shaped parts (gussets, stiffeners, flanges, etc.) that includes a list of parts and part quantities to cut for multiple projects, associated CNC data if available from the model, and available stock for import into third-party shaped-plate nesting software. FabTrol Pro tracks which parts are exported or cut and associates plate parts with stock plate to establish and maintain full project and material traceability.

To facilitate coordination with the production plan, stock and parts can be filtered (e.g., by material type, sequence, production batch, etc.) before export. FabTrol Pro keeps track of what has or has not been exported, making it easy to track parts remaining to be cut. After cutting, the original nest can be updated, swapping planned plates, when necessary, for those actually used in the shop.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) fabrication updates

An XML export from FabTrol Pro now allows FabTrol’s free ModelView software to display assembly drawing, production and shipping statuses and optionally show color-coded statuses in the most recent release of Tekla Structures (Version 20.0) detailing software or the recently released Tekla Structures Project Viewer.

ModelView can now also export fabrication status information for import into Design Data’s SDS/2 detailing software to update a project model with color-coded statuses.

Additional features

The release also includes enhancements and new features in estimating, material management, reporting and international localization. Other third-party integration includes support for barcode capture of real-time receiving, production and shipping statuses with Radley Corporation’s integrated data capture system.


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