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FabTrol Pro release includes new Production module and project management tools

With its recent release of FabTrol Pro Version 2.0, FabTrol Systems, a global provider of steel fabrication management solutions, adds powerful production and project management tools designed to help steel fabricators meet project schedules on time and on budget in an increasingly complex international steel construction sector.

Fabricators who use FabTrol Pro’s Production module will benefit from streamlined, automated production planning and tracking, while also being able to quickly accommodate the design and schedule changes that can occur frequently on steel fabrication projects.  Specifically, with FabTrol Pro’s  Production module, fabricators will benefit from:

  • Automated work-area assembly routing--easily set up and customized to meet each company’s needs-- based on main member or assembly type.
  • Work-area completion tracking in real time as an assembly moves through the shop.
  • The ability to make on-the-fly routing and schedule changes from the shop floor to meet real-world job shop requirements.
  • At-a-glance, real-time views of work left to do by a variety of criteria (e.g., job, sequence, etc.).
  • A big-picture, cross-project view of assembly status, including details of work completed (by job, work area, employee, date/time, etc.).

In addition to new production tools, FabTrol Pro Version 2.0 includes project scheduling features that allow fabricators to set up schedules and review a cross-project Gantt chart of project milestones critical to their customers, such as drawing approvals and releases, material availability, production dates, site deliveries, etc. To meet changing project requirements, the schedule can be easily revised, which automatically updates the Gantt chart display.

Additional new modules include basic estimating and plate management, and new material management features include a stock history log that provides a stock audit trail and the use of approved size and/or grade substitutions when optimizing material.

These new modules and features are the most recent additions to FabTrol Pro, FabTrol Systems’ re-engineered steel fabrication management solution. FabTrol Pro, based on extensive user needs’ research and developed with the most current development tools and technologies available, provides a powerful, multi-job work environment with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface.


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