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FabTrol sponsors webinars with Radley and Hypertherm

FabTrol Systems, an international provider of steel fabrication management software, is teaming up with two of its long-term integration partners to offer two webinars in March designed to help steel fabricators and others in the steel sector see the first-hand benefits of integrating fabrication management software with complementary hardware and software. Integration-partner participants include Radley Corporation, a leading global supplier of automated data collection solutions, and Hypertherm, Inc., an international hardware and software provider for metal cutting industries.

On March 21, Mark Stewart, Radley Business Development Manager, and Sue Landis, a FabTrol Systems account manager, present “Real-time Benefits of Real-Time Data.” This first-in-the-series webinar will demonstrate the benefits of integrating FabTrol MRP’s Automated Data Capture module with Radley's barcode system. Fabricators who integrate the two systems to automatically receive material, track production progress and monitor shipping loads report improving project schedules, reducing errors and rework and improving business decision-making as a result of ongoing access to real-time data.

On March 28, Derek Weston, a Hypertherm product marketing manager, and Jim Moody, FabTrol’s manager of international business development, team up to present “Save Time, Money and Manpower.”  This webinar will show the benefits of roundtrip plate nesting between FabTrol MRP’s Plate Manager module and Hypertherm's shaped-plate nesting software. Webinar attendees will get a first-hand look at how the two solutions work together to help fabricators save time, money and manpower by automatically managing CNC files, maximizing plate purchasing efficiency and usage, managing stock and remnants, and providing complete material traceability.

Both jointly sponsored educational events reflect all participants’ commitment to supply-chain integration and their ongoing efforts to ensure compatibility between the software and hardware steel fabricators require to succeed in an increasingly competitive global environment. Currently integrated with FabTrol MRP, both companies are also actively working to ensure integration with FabTrol Pro, FabTrol Systems’ most recent fabrication management solution.

To learn more about FabTrol Systems’ steel fabrication management solutions, visit www.fabtrol.com, or call 1+541-485-4719. To learn more about Radley Corporation’s data capture solutions, call 1+248-559-6858 or visit www.radley.com. To learn more about Hypertherm’s ProNest software, call 1+716-434-3755 or visit www.hyperthermcam.com.


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