FabTrol software for detailers

More and more structural steel detailing companies are leveraging the benefits of the FabTrol detailer package. The package allows detailers to provide superior service to customers that use FabTrol software. It also gives detailers a competitive advantage and the ability to attract new customers that use FabTrol software.

The detailing package consists of FabTrol Rev software for managing documents, drawings and RFIs and the Drawing Manager module in FabTrol MRP. Here are some of the benefits:

FabTrol Rev drawing and document management software

  • Import drawings quickly with a powerful import engine that can import files from nearly any modeling or detailing software and get automatic revision and image file control with each successive import
  • Manage revisions and approvals through the full life cycle of the job accurately and efficiently, eliminating manual entry of revisions and status updates utilizing the fully integrated transmittal system
  • Easily manage all project RFIs—create and send RFIs via email, link associated drawings and attachments, see questions and responses side by side, generate overdue reports, and easily identify all drawings that are potentially impacted by an RFI

To learn more about FabTrol Rev software, visit the FabTrol Rev website.

FabTrol MRP Drawing Manager module

  • Seamlessly integrate call-out information and provide error-free XSR and KSS files based on each client’s material naming conventions saving them time and averting costly import problems in FabTrol MRP

FabTrol Detailer Network

Detailing companies that use the FabTrol detailing package become a member of the FabTrol Detailer Network.

Here are a few of the benefits of membership:

  • Use the FabTrol Detailer Network logo on your website, marketing collateral, and bids to distinguish your company in the industry
  • Your company will be listed on the FabTrol website so fabricators that use our software can easily identify network members for project bids

For more information about becoming a member of the FabTrol Detailer Network, call (888) FABTROL.


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