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FabTrol - Brian Williams

FabTrol - Brian Williams

Brian Williams has spent his adult life working in steel fabrication and technology. Starting as a grinder/wire brush operator in college he worked as a fitter, CNC programmer, production control manager, and VP of Operations for a 4-shop industrial plate and structural fabricator. At FabTrol he has delivered training and implementation services to some of FabTrol's largest customers and designed software as FabTrol's Product Manager. Today, he continues to work in product management and serves as the General Manager of FabTrol Systems.

What about the lead person in your welding or shipping bay?  How much does he know about the work he is planning this week?  Is it easy for your Project Manager to find out if an important assembly or sequence will make it to the jobsite on time?

With the production management system in FabTrol Pro, you have fast access to all of this - and it’s quick and easy to set up and get going. You can know what’s in production, where, and how much is left to do on a given sequence or for a given task (like welding) or work area (like Weld Bay 2).


Our customers run job shops and generally only buy steel and other material when a specific project requires it. Beyond a few flat bar, angle and perhaps bolts, they really don’t stock much material for use on an unknown future job. Some do, however, produce a few standardized parts like clip angles and base plates.

FabTrol Pro manages this process by tracking standard pre-processed parts in stock. It's easy to allocate parts on a job against these standard parts and then mult or nest the balance against raw material you’ll process on your own equipment. Or, you can purchase the balance pre-processed from your vendor.

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We know that you sometimes cut flat bar parts out of plate. FabTrol makes it easy to manage this without modifying the bill of materials. Start with our linear nesting engine to use up existing flat bar stock. Then, on your next plate nest, turn on the option to include flat bar. FabTrol will track what is and isn't nested and automatically add the remaining flat bar to the plate nest. FabTrol will maintain full traceability from flat bar parts in the bill of materials to the flat bar or plate material used to produce them.