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FabTrol Pro release includes tablet-based document retrieval, CNC file management, integration with machine manufacturers and expanded production batching features

FabTrol Systems, a U.S.-based global provider of integrated steel fabrication management software, is bringing expanded capabilities to steel fabricators with the release of FabTrol Pro Version 3.3.

Notable highlights of the software release include:

  • Production batching
  • Drawing and document retrieval to tablets and smart phones
  • Advanced bill of materials capabilities
  • CNC data management and CAD/CAM integration
  • Expanded reporting

On-demand drawing and document retrieval to tablet or smart phone

New drawing and document retrieval functions deliver the ability to view the latest fabrication drawing revision on any internet-connected device, such as an iPad, Android or Windows mobile device. Along with the most recent revision, a complete revision history of each drawing is also included and older revisions may be optionally viewed based on user permissions. Most importantly, drawings are organized for retrieval automatically during their initial import and this eliminates the need to manage drawings and revisions in network folders. Other drawings and project documents can also be retrieved for any file type that can be viewed on a tablet or mobile device (JPG, PDF, TIF, DWG, DXF, etc.).

CNC data management and integration gets the right data to the CNC machine on-demand

CNC data and the bill of materials are imported from 3D modeling software into FabTrol Pro. As a project progresses, parts are nested, stock is purchased, cutting plans are created, and production batching plans are made. With the new CNC module, FabTrol Pro can synchronize the correct CNC data with the nested solution, including correct quantities for each batch, and production and routing plan information. The CNC machine operator will get all of the right data at just the right time, up-to-date and complete, reducing cycle times from one piece of material loaded on the machine to the next. The CNC machine CAD/CAM software can then report parts that are cut and update the production status in FabTrol Pro in real-time. The FabTrol Pro Production Explorer can then display which assemblies have tasks that are in-progress or complete with accurate quantities.

Production batching strategically manages workflow on the shop floor

The Batching module allows steel fabricators to serve the erection sequence while grouping work for the shop floor with additional materials and production criteria in mind. A Gantt chart provides a visual map of production plans and dates. The Batching module becomes the center of collaboration by providing the ability to filter and manage the bill of materials, material multing/nesting, shipping and production around the production batch. Everyone involved in the fabrication process can use reports, the graphical production explorer and the production log to establish where parts and assemblies are in production and shipping and how they got there.

Additional features

Other features available in this release of FabTrol Pro include the ability to import, then nest and purchase against a job with an advanced bill of materials. New invoicing features are included to help fabricators record and track details by purchase order. Also, the shipping status of assemblies is maintained in the production log. New and improved reports are added, with the ability to export reports as .CSV files for use in other software such as accounting software.



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